Atlantic Provinces Shooter Profile


Profile Date: June 6, 2019


Name: Nina Chandler

Age: 37

Home Town: Liverpool, Nova Scotia (Reside in Portugal Cove  St. Philips, NL)

Occupation: Radiopharmacy/Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Home Club: St. John's Rod and Gun Club, Holyrood, NL

Year Joined ATA: 2016

ATA Yardage: 19.0

Target Attainment: Singles: 1950. Handicap: 900. Doubles: 350.

Trap Gun: Browning XT Trap

Preferred Ammunition: Winchester Super Target

Memorable Shooting Moments: 


Profile Date: April 6, 2019


Name: Aubrey Spinney

Age: 57

Home Town: Pubnico Head, Nova Scotia

Occupation: Lobster Fisherman, Boat Owner and Captain - James and Wilbert. Owner - Fox Hill Lobster Trap Manufacturing.

Home Club: Highland Gun Club, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Year Joined ATA: 2005

ATA Yardage: 22.5

Target Attainment: Singles: 8800. Handicap: 5950. Doubles: 7400.

Trap Gun: Perazzi MX8

Preferred Ammunition: Winchester AA

Memorable Shooting Moments: Aubrey's response was: "It's all great. I like to see the young shooters do well. But you know, perhaps the greatest thing about shooting is the people you meet and the comradery. It's the lifetime of friendships from shooting and that's just a great thing to be part of."

Profile Date: March 7, 2019


Name: Herbie Nickerson

Age: 56

Home Town: Newellton, Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Occupation: Lobster Fishing Boat Owner and Captain - Every Last Cent

Home Club: Highland Gun Club, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Year Joined ATA: 2004

ATA Yardage: 22.0

Target Attainment: Singles: 11 700. Handicap: 8850. Doubles: 8850.

Trap Gun: Caeser Guerini Summit combo with Gracoil unit installed

Preferred Ammunition: Winchester AA

Memorable Shooting Moments:

Profile Date: February 10, 2019


Name: John Tucker

Age: 56

Home Town: Portugal Cove St. Philips, NL

Occupation: Self employed - flooring installer

Home Club: St. John’s Rod and Gun Club, St. John’s, NL

Year Joined ATA: 2006

ATA Yardage: 20.5

Target Attainment: Singles: 21 300. Handicap: 17 550. Doubles: 17 900.

Trap Gun: Browning Citori XT: 32 inch over / under with adjustable comb and adjustable recoil pad

Preferred Ammunition: Remington Gun Clubs

Memorable Shooting Moments:

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