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Profile Date: April 20, 2021

RayWoodill_ShooterProfile.jpg (146 KB)

Name: Ray Woodill

Age: 75

Hometown: Riverview, New Brunswick

Occupation: Retired

Home Club: Moncton Gun Club, Moncton, New Brunswick

Year Joined ATA: 1970 Life Member

ATA Yardage: 19.5

Target Attainment: Singles:11550  Handicap: 3000 Doubles: 6450.

Trap Gun: Kreighoff K80, Beretta 687EELL, Perazzi TMX Special

Preferred Ammo: Federal Paper

Memorable Shooting Moments:

Too many to list...all were good!

  • Started shooting trap and skeet at the Dartmouth Trap and Skeet Club in 1965. Since that time I have been an active full-time skeet shooter and part-time trap shooter.
  • Was Industry Rep for Winchester in 1970s and Rep for Federal and Beretta starting in 1981, retiring in 2003.
  • Shot bunker trap with Kay Ohye in San Antonio in 1983.
  • Represented Federal and Beretta at the Grand American Trap Shoot on three occasions.
  • Met lots of wonderful people at shooting events over the past 56 years and although my scores don't reflect my years of practice, I still enjoy shooting as much today as I ever have.

Profile Date: February 18, 2021

Cole_Nickerson_ShooterProfile.jpg (175 KB)

Name: Cole Nickerson

Age: 13

Hometown: Barrington, Nova Scotia

Occupation: Student

Home Club: Highland Gun Club, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Year Joined ATA: 2021 Target Year

ATA Yardage: 19

Target Attainment: Singles: 200  Handicap: 100 Doubles: 0.

Trap Gun: Browning BT99

Preferred Ammo: Federal

Memorable Shooting Moments:

  • shooting my first 25 straight at my first ATA registered shoot - the 2020 Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoot


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