Atlantic Provinces Shooter Profiles

Profile Date: December 9, 2019


Name: Barry Turner

Age: 66

Hometown: Halifax, NS

Occupation: Retired from Multi National Parmaceutical Industry

Home Club: Kentville, NS

Year Joined ATA: 1985

ATA Yardage: 26

Target Attainment: Singles: 54 000 Handicap: 49 000 Doubles: 35 000

Trap Gun: K80 Trap Special

Preferred Ammo: Remington STS 8's and Nitro 7.5's

Memorable Shooting Moments:

  • First 100 @16yds in 2002 at South West Grand
  • First 100 in doubles at South West Grand in 2003
  • First 200 @16yds at Illinois State in 2008
  • 12 Open Class Illinois State Championships including HAA in 2013
  • 2 99's from 26 yd line
  • Singles long run of 490 straight at Great Lakes Grand in 2017
  • Working with APTA Exec to host Atlantics in 2012 and 2015 at the Dartmouth Club
  • Working to grow trapshooting in Nova Scotia by: rebuilding 5 trap fields between Dartmouth and Kentville, bringing Harlan Campbell Jr to Nova Scotia to provide Atlantic Province shooters professional trap shooting instruction.


Profile Date: November 1, 2019

OMB Senior Champ

Name: Paul Bailey

Age: 86

Hometown: Currently living in Kelligrews, NL. Born in Westport, Long Island NS.

Occupation: Retired from the Canadian Air Force, Fisherman and DFO Officer

Home Club: St. John's Rod and Gun Club

Year Joined ATA: 2004

ATA Yardage: 19

Target Attainment: Singles: 18 500 Handicap: 12 600 Doubles: 9950

Trap Gun: Beretta 687 Joel Etchen Special II Combo
Preferred Ammo: Remington STS

Memorable Shooting Moments:

  • Have been fortunate enough to travel and participate several times in the annual Southern Grand shoot held at the Silver Dollar Shooters Club each March in Odessa FL while accompanied by squad  members from the St. John's Rod and Gun Club.
  • Attended 4 Canadian National events in Quebec, Ontario (2) and Alberta.
  • Attended 15 Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoots and be greeted by previously met members plus all the newly joined ones who have been added to this great organization. 
  • Participated in all NL Provincials but one since joining as  an Ole Senior Vet Trapper and have intentions of sticking around for awhile.

Trust all Trappers too keep this wonderful Sport active for a long time to come. 

Signed: Old Man Bailey


Profile Date: August 23, 2019

PSC Shooters (l to r) relaxing at the 2019 Canadian Trapshooting Championships: Terry LeBlanc, Dan Pollock and Paul Devereaux

Name: Terry LeBlanc
Age: 59
Hometown: Moncton, New Brunswick
Occupation: Former owner of Advatek Systems Inc. Retired December 2018.
Home Club: Petitcodiac Sportsmans Club and Moncton Gun Club
Year Joined ATA: 2017
ATA Yardage: 20
Target Attainment: Singles: 5900 Handicap: 1300 Doubles: 3000
Trap Gun: Caesar Guerini Summit
Preferred Ammo: Federal Tp Gun
Memorable Shooting Moments:

  • First one to shoot 25 straight in 16 Yard singles at the Petitcodiac Sportsman Club, shooting 25 straight in 20 yard Handicap, 2018 Club Champion at the Moncton Gun Club.
  • Great experiences Shooting at the 2018 Provincials in Yarmouth, N.S and the 2019 Canadian Championship in St. Thomas, Ontario.
  • I have met a lot of great people in the few years I have been shooting and I am looking forward to the meeting more at the upcoming events.

Name: Dan Pollock
Age: 70
Hometown: Petitcodiac, New Brunswick
Occupation: Retired High School Principal, Presently member of Village Council for Petitcodiac
Home Club: Petitcodiac Sportsmans Club
Year Joined ATA: 2017
ATA Yardage: 19
Target Attainment: Singles: 4550 Handicap: 1400 Doubles: 2350
Trap Gun: Caesar Guerini Summit
Preferred Ammo: Federal
Memorable Shooting Moments:

  • First 25 straight, first 50 straight, shooting a 25 straight at the Canadian Championships.
  • Attending the Atlantics last year.
  • Best of all is the friends I've made over these few short years of shooting, priceless!!!!

Name: Paul Devereaux
Age: 73
Hometown: Riverview, New Brunswick
Occupation: Transport Canada Rail Car and Dangerous Goods Officer (Retired)
Home Club: Petitcodiac Sportsmans Club and Moncton Gun Club
Year Joined ATA: 2018
ATA Yardage: 19
Target Attainment: Singles: 1925 Handicap: 1200 Doubles: 2000
Trap Gun: Blaser Super Sport
Preferred Ammo: Winchester AA
Memorable Shooting Moments:

  • Shooting the Atalntic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoot last year in Yarmouth, NS, but my biggest moments were when I shot the 2019 Canadian Championships in St. Thomas, Ontario this summer and won Singles, Doubles and HOA in my class.
  • I have also met a lot of shooters and made new friends through this sport. It is a real pleasure and I enjoy it immensely.


Profile Date: July 22, 2019

Name: Steven d'Entremont

Age: 31

Home Town: Lower West Pubnico, NS

Occupation: Captain - Lobster Vessel Buckshot 3.  Port representative on LFA 34 advisory board.

Home Club: Highland Gun Club - Yarmouth NS

Year Joined ATA: 2012

ATA Yardage: 22.5

Target Attainment: Singles: 4200. Handicap: 3400. Doubles: 3500.

Trap Gun: Caesar Guerini Maxum Trap Combo

Preferred Ammunition: Remington STS

Memorable Shooting Moments: 

  • Meeting all kinds of wonderful people from across Canada who I can now call my friends .
  • 2015 - Atlantic Provinces Handicap Champion
  • 2017 - Atlantic Provinces Handicap Runner up
  • 2018 - Personal best score at Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Championship at Highland Gun Club with a 98/100 winning C Class Singles
  • 2019 - Canadian Open Handicap Champion at St. Thomas Ontario

Slingin’ lead is way better than slicing golf balls in the woods !!!!!!!!


Profile Date: June 6, 2019


Name: Nina Chandler

Age: 37

Home Town: Liverpool, Nova Scotia (Reside in Portugal Cove  St. Philips, NL)

Occupation: Radiopharmacy/Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Home Club: St. John's Rod and Gun Club, Holyrood, NL

Year Joined ATA: 2016

ATA Yardage: 19.0

Target Attainment: Singles: 1950. Handicap: 900. Doubles: 350.

Trap Gun: Browning XT Trap

Preferred Ammunition: Winchester Super Target

Memorable Shooting Moments: 

  • Breaking my first 25 straight at the provincial championship in 2017
  • Provincial Ladies' Singles champion 2017 & 2018
  • I find introducing new shooters to the sport is always very rewarding


Profile Date: April 6, 2019


Name: Aubrey Spinney

Age: 57

Home Town: Pubnico Head, Nova Scotia

Occupation: Lobster Fisherman, Boat Owner and Captain - James and Wilbert. Owner - Fox Hill Lobster Trap Manufacturing.

Home Club: Highland Gun Club, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Year Joined ATA: 2005

ATA Yardage: 22.5

Target Attainment: Singles: 8800. Handicap: 5950. Doubles: 7400.

Trap Gun: Perazzi MX8

Preferred Ammunition: Winchester AA

Memorable Shooting Moments: Aubrey's response was: "It's all great. I like to see the young shooters do well. But you know, perhaps the greatest thing about shooting is the people you meet and the comradery. It's the lifetime of friendships from shooting and that's just a great thing to be part of."

Profile Date: March 7, 2019


Name: Herbie Nickerson

Age: 56

Home Town: Newellton, Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Occupation: Lobster Fishing Boat Owner and Captain - Every Last Cent

Home Club: Highland Gun Club, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Year Joined ATA: 2004

ATA Yardage: 22.0

Target Attainment: Singles: 11 700. Handicap: 8850. Doubles: 8850.

Trap Gun: Caeser Guerini Summit combo with Gracoil unit installed

Preferred Ammunition: Winchester AA

Memorable Shooting Moments:

  • 2007 Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoot
    • First time shooting in NL
    • winning the Atlantic Provinces B Singles with a 185 / 200 in the wind and driving rain (i.e. tail end of a Hurricane)
  • 2016 Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoot
    • just received his newly purchased Caeser Guerini Summit combo
    • won Preliminary Handicap 4th
    • claims Atlantic Provinces Handicap Champion after a 3 way shoot off
  • 2017 Canadians Trapshooting Championships
    • High All Around B Class Champion
    • Canadian Handicap Championship Sub Veteran Open Champion
  • 2019 Spring Grand, Tucson Arizona
    • first 50 straight Doubles

Profile Date: February 10, 2019


Name: John Tucker

Age: 56

Home Town: Portugal Cove St. Philips, NL

Occupation: Self employed - flooring installer

Home Club: St. John’s Rod and Gun Club, St. John’s, NL

Year Joined ATA: 2006

ATA Yardage: 20.5

Target Attainment: Singles: 21 300. Handicap: 17 550. Doubles: 17 900.

Trap Gun: Browning Citori XT: 32 inch over / under with adjustable comb and adjustable recoil pad

Preferred Ammunition: Remington Gun Clubs

Memorable Shooting Moments:

  • Attending 2013 Grand American
  • 2018 Atlantic Provinces Preliminary Singles: Personal best 99/100
  • 2018 Southern Grand: Preliminary Handicap 3rd place
  • 2016 Canadian Trapshooting Championships: Preliminary Singles C Class Winner

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