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2008 Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Championships

Pictou County Trap and Skeet Club, Riverton, NS
August 29 - September 1, 2008

Shoot Highlights

  • Shooters breaking first 25 straight: Robert Beaupertuis, Pierre et Miquelon
  • Shooters breaking first 100 straight: Clyde D’Entremont, Nova Scotia
  • Brian Lewis wins the Preliminary Handicap with an event score of 94 and a 25 in the shootoff to receive first yardage punch.
  • In attendance were visiting shooters from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, Canada, Maine and also 7 shooters from the French territories of St. Pierre and Miquelon located off the coast of Newfoundland.
  • The weather was seasonal for the most part but heavy rains in the days preceding the shoot and during the nights of the shoot made for very wet, soggy grounds.
  • Top notch target setting by visiting shooter Nelson Towns of Maine resulted in record number of high scores in nearly all events. Highest number of 100 straights, 99’s and 98’s ever seen at the Atlantic Provinces Championships.
  • Jerry Stafford drops 1 target on the 1st trap and continues on to finish with a 199/200 to win the Atlantic Provinces Singles Championship and also breaks the record for highest score to win the event. Previous record of 198/200 shot in 1978 was also held by Stafford.
  • Event 6 – Atlantic Provinces Handicap Championship had to be postponed until Monday, September 1 due to thunder, lightning and heavy rains.
  • Troy Coldwell, AP Association VP, performed the Heimlich maneuver on Carl D’Entremont saving his life and averting dire consequences.
  • 2009 Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Championships will be held at the Moncton Gun Club located in Moncton, New Brunswick.
  • Elected Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Association Officials:
    • President: Andrea Bassan, Vice President: Troy Coldwell, Treasurer/Secretary: John Nichols
    • ATA Delegate: Jim Hannah, 1st Alternate Delegate: Jerry Stafford, 2nd Alternate Delegate: Andrea Bassan

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