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Entry: July 2020

July, 2020

Hello from the Atlantic Provinces.

I am happy to report that gun clubs in the Atlantic Provinces are re-opening as COVID-19 restrictions ease. Please be patient and follow whatever procedures your gun club has in place to comply with public health orders and COVID-19 related restrictions.

A preliminary shoot program is now available on for the 2020 Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoot scheduled for September 3 - 6 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at the Highland Gun Club. COVID-19 restrictions are easing, and all four Atlantic Provinces have released plans to lift restrictions in a controlled manner. Unfortunately, no Atlantic Province has given a firm date on when sporting competitions or social gatherings of greater than fifty people can take place. With that in mind, the Highland Gun Club and the Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Association will continue to monitor the situation. The latest shoot information will be available on

Shawn d’Entremont of Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia was recently featured in our Shooter Profile section. Shawn has been shooting ATA targets since 2018 and shoots handicap from the 21 yard line. You can read all about Shawn on under our Profiles section.

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Andrea Bassan

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